Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino Tequila 750ML
Sku: 1869
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Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino Tequila
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Country: Mexico
Type: Tequila


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Jose Cuervo Platino™ is made with the Cuervo family’s secret recipe and proprietary process –Esencia de Agave™- This unique process developed by Cuervo master distillers starts with only the most flavorful hearts (the pinas) of the finest estate-grown blue agave. Esencia de Agave™ optimizes the true essence and flavor of the agave for a smoother Tequila of exceptional taste and character. Every detail of Jose Cuervo Platino™ is handcrafted, from the individually numbered hand-blown-style bottles to the hand-dipped wax seal and the elegant box.
In 1795, Jose Maria Guadalupe de Cuervo began selling the very first Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo after receiving the first official charter from the King of Spain to produce tequila commercially. Cuervo has been producing tequila at La Rojena, the oldest active distillery in Latin America, ever since. For over 250 years, Jose Cuervo® has been making tequila from the largest agave holdings in the world. The journey begins in the fields on the skirts of the Tequila Volcano. After seven years of maturation, the agave plants are harvested and their cores, or “pinas,” are sent to the La Rojena distillery. There, they are roasted, grinded, and smashed. The resulting extract is placed into fermentation tanks. Finally, it is distilled and aged to perfection in toasted barrels.