Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate 1L
Sku: 1981
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Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate
Product Information
Country: Netherlands
Type: Vodka
ABV: 35.00%


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Centuries of Dutch charm inspire this delicious treat. Made from the finest quality cocoa beans in the world, Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka touches the tongue with a delicate perfection. With the rarefied taste of northern Europe, Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka touches the tongue with a delicate, careful perfection - decadently sweet, low in carbohydrates, an all-natural spirit for the sophisticated and cultured palate. The art of taste here promises fine pleasure. Cherish the perfect confection. Straight or mixed with other fine Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas, Van Gogh Chocolate Vodka always makes the Luxury Martini.
Ultimate Beverage Challenge 90 points - A cocoa concoction to behold! Perfect for flavored martinis and even sinful desserts, this vodka is richly infused with flavors and aromas of milk and dark chocolate, fresh cocoa beans, amber honey, caramelized sugar, and buttercream frosting. - 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge (Apr 2018)