Oyo Vodka 750ML 750ML
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Oyo Vodka 750ML
  • Oyo Vodka 750ML
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Country: United States
Region: Ohio
Type: Vodka


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Our flagship spirit, named after the original word for the Ohio River Valley (“O-Why-OĒ), is a smooth, full-bodied vodka brimming with character. OYO is made from local soft red winter wheat, and demonstrates a perfect balance of cutting-edge technology, old-world traditions, and the finest farm-fresh ingredients. Sometimes referred to as a “whiskey-loverísĒ vodka, OYO makes an excellent sipping spirit, and itís a perfect pairing for mixers and culinary creations.
Itís character that reflects the flavor Ohioís soft red winter wheat gives our vodka. Our local fields are the key ingredient to our unique flavor profile, and we wouldnít have it any other way. Itís character that comes only from our intensive, small-batch process that centers on time-tested distilling traditions. Itís how we ensure we stay true to our ingredients and bring natural flavor to the forefront of our spirits. Itís character that comes from two passionate owners, who hand-touch every part of the process. And it comes from the artisans we partner with, who are as passionate about their craft as we are about ours.