Teperberg Inspire Devotage Malbec - Marselan Mevushal 750ML Kosher 
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Teperberg Inspire Devotage Malbec - Marselan Mevushal
  • Teperberg Inspire Devotage Malbec - Marselan Mevushal
Product Information
Country: Israel
Grape Varietal: Non-Varietal Red Blend
Type: Still wine, Kosher


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Teperberg Winery was founded by Avraham Teperberg in 1870 in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Winery was the first family winery established in Israel in the modern era. Since then the winery has been owned and managed by the Teperberg family. Several years ago the winery moved and settled in its new 20 dunam (2000 sq. m.) premises, located at the Judean Mountains, the Israel’s main tourist wine route. This region brings together ancient history and unique wine growing conditions conducive to the production of quality wines grown in the choicest vineyard plots in the region. In recent years the winery underwent a dramatic quality revolution and became one of Israel’s most modern wineries. Teperberg winery invests in a quality production line, state of the art storage systems, the selection of top quality growing regions, upgraded distribution and information systems and more. Teperberg markets over 5 million bottles of wine a year, both in Israel and abroad. In 1827 Avraham Teperberg, born and raised in Odessa in Imperial Russia, fled to Austria to escape the dreadful enlistment to the Russian Zar’s army. In Austria, Avraham stumbled upon the grapevine plant for the first time and it was where he was introduced to the secrets of winemaking. After several years, Rabbi Avraham made Aliya to Israel and settled in Jerusalem’s ancient city, where he founded the Efrat Wineries with his son, Ze’ev Zeid. As derived from correspondence records of Ze’ev Zeid, the Winery was founded in the 1850s but it was not until 1870 that the Winery became a commercial company. Rabbi Ze’ev Zeid passed away in 1905, and his son Mordechai Shimon - third Teperberg generation - took over the Winery’s management. In the next following years when Europe was in the midst of WWI, the Winery’s business flourished. Austrian soldiers stationed in Israel at the time enjoyed Teperberg’s wines - their army’s wine supplier. Surprisingly, this was simultaneous with violent pogrom attacks inflicted by the Arabs and with the winery being one of their targets. 1929 was a difficult year for the Teperberg family and Rabbi Mordechai Shimon considered leaving Israel and devoting himself to Torah studies. Following a consultation with the Outstanding Rabbis of the Generation, Rabbi Mordechai decided to remain in Israel and maintain the family winery. Subsequent to several challenging years, the Teperberg family pulled through the crisis and the fourth Teperberg generation came aboard: 18 year-old Menachem joined the winery’s management. In 1950 Menachem and his brother Itzhak established thr Teperberg winery, this time in Nahalat Itzhak. Menachem, by this time the owner of additional businesses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, decided to focus solely on wine production and transferred the management of his other businesses to his brother, Avraham. Following the passing away of Itzhak in 1960, Menachem continued to lead the family winery on his own. As the Winery’s production grew, the space in Nahalat Itzhak became too small for the increasing number of barrels, and in 1964 Menachem purchased additional land in the scenic area of Motza, just outside Jerusalem. Moti Teperberg, representing the fifth Teperberg generation, is the current TEPERBERG 1870 project leader. The project includes the construction of a new, first of its kind winery, where the implementation of advanced technology delivers upgraded wine manufacturing and storage systems. With Moti Teperberg in the lead of the Winery’s management, along with a determined marketing strategy, TEPERBERG 1870 pushes forward the Teperberg international presence and allows for successful penetration into new global markets.