Maracame Reposado Tequila 750ML
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Maracame Reposado Tequila
Product Information
Country: Mexico
Type: Tequila
ABV: 40.00%


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Many of the savviest Tequila aficionados have come to love and trust the appropriately named spirits of Tequila Supremo, over the past couple of years. In Arandas, the epicenter of Highland tequila production, the Camarena family (Augustin Camarena), has been growing, harvesting and distilling the prized Blue Weber Agave, since 1938. But the history runs even deeper, as the Camarena family co-founded the town of Arandas in 1761. Only the biggest, sweetest, agaves are used in Maracame, Tequila Supremo’s, plato fuerte. Sugar, acid and water levels are carefully checked in the field and the distillery. A 100 year old volcanic oven is used only for Maracame, and the care taken for each expression shows.